Books in Kenya

Books in Kenya

Did you know that there are millions of books in Kenya? Well, I know you may be asking yourself if this is true…

Yes indeed it is true… Having been a book seller since 2011, I can attest to this – by just considering the books I have personally sold.

Additionally, visiting the government owned libraries would also affirm my thesis above. And yes, our student population also utilizes educational books to learn.

Another amazing pointer is the hundreds of book hawkers in major towns – and thousands of bookshops countrywide – both physical and online.

If you add all of the above sources, then you would come up with a huge number of books circulating in Kenya.

Kenyans are avid readers… If you have not started on reading, join the Kenyan readers now and come face to face with their great reading culture.

In addition, there are several Kenyan Writers doing a great job. We shall do a comprehensive list in a subsequent article.

We are writing this article to expound and open a great reading world for you. Kindly read through and learn more about books in Kenya.

Books in Kenya – Categories

There are two main book categories in kenya – namely:

Furthermore, we could also add two sub-categories on to the above – they are:

Additionally, there is a book classification that we can not ignore – this is, Adult and Children books.

Remember that, books come in various genres under each category and are mainly in three formats:

  1. Hard copy
  2. Softcopy
  3. Audio

Kindly note that we offer hard copy books. However, we can direct you on where to get audiobooks and softcopy books.

Well, now that we have touched a bit on the above, below we delve deeper and expound more about the above categories, sub-categories, classifications, and genres.