10 Minutes Before Sleeping – Book Review

This is a comprehensive and authentic review of 10 minutes before sleeping book by Tanya R. Taylor

As human beings, we sometimes forget what the ripple effect of our actions can do to those around us.

In 10 Minutes Before Sleeping, author Tanya R. Taylor introduces us to a precious bundle left at a door on a rainy night in Nervesta an island in the Caribbean.

The bundle is a baby called Eva, who is abandoned a few weeks after birth by her mother.

This so because her soon-to-be husband does not want the burden of raising another man’s child.

She is taken in grudgingly by Clea Jean, a hard, unhappy woman.

Mistreated by Clea at every turn, Eva grows up trying to please the only mother she knows.

The only kindness she receives comes from Pierre, Clea’s only son.

Their Love

Pierre loves Eva and from the first day when he pleaded with his mother to keep Eva and has always been by her side.

For fifteen years, Eva takes this abuse and only breaks when she is told that she will no longer be going to school.

Deciding to kill herself to end all the pain and suffering, she calls Pierre to say goodbye.

Pierre races home and dissuades her from doing this.

That day their lives change when the love they feel for each other, changes and takes on a new dimension.

When Clea finds out that Eva is pregnant, she demands that she terminate the pregnancy as she is too young to have a child.

She also insists that the pregnancy will bring shame to the home and to Clea once the Church finds out.

Their short life

Pierre steps forward and claims both Eva and the unborn child.

Clea throws them out, threatening to reveal that Eva is an immigrant.

This so because she does not have any papers from either parent to show that she is a legal citizen of Nervesta.

With this threat looming over them, they move out and find a house to start their lives afresh.

This away from the domineering presence of their mother.

The blissful life that unfolds between Eva and Pierre is pure and simple.

For this reason, their family grows and so does the love they feel for each other.

It all ends tragically when Pierre dies in an accident and once again Eva has to take up the reins, to bring up her three children alone.

Two years later, she meets and marries again.

Her, new husband, Max spoils her and her children and the attention he shows her goes to her head.

Their happiness is short-lived as her husband turns into an abusive man.

10 Minutes before sleeping book conclusion

10 Minutes Before Sleeping is not an easy book to read.

After you read this book, you feel that had some things being done differently, then maybe just maybe, Eva’s life (and Clea’s before) may have turned out differently.

In the end, we will cheer for Eva, her promise to Pierre all those years ago to never try to end her life stays with her throughout.

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