A Book Idea Book Store (our story)

Happy to have you on board. A Book Idea was established in the year 2011.

Back then, I did own a Movie shop. And well, the movie shop was very popular because I did serve my clientele with much dedication.

It happened that one day a Canadian friend and also a good movie client visited my shop.

I remember it was in the month of February the year 2011 on a sunny afternoon.

This lady friend and a good movie client asked me, “Eddy, do you have a book idea”

I asked her, “what do you mean by a book idea Abby” She quipped and said, “you should think of introducing books”

A Book Idea gift from Abby

I agreed to her idea and she excused herself and rushed out briefly.

Furthermore, she whispered to me something as she left that astonished me.

As I was thinking about some book ideas, Abby was back. To my surprise, she had 4 medium-sized boxes.

She told me, “open these boxes and see the special gift” well, I opened it and to my surprise the box contained books.

As they say, the rest is history.

The Dream

To just recap, Abby was leaving the country and from the discussion, we had in the few days before she left, I realized she had carried this dream for quite a while.

In addition to this, Abby had also shared a book idea initiative with some of her friends.

For this reason, some of her friends had donated some of the books she gave me.

And well, this is how A Book Idea bookshop was born.

The Journey

Over the years I ran the bookshop from my movie shop and gained so many clients.

In the year 2012, I in collaboration with my elder sister began importing used books from the USA.

Luckily, she was residing in the USA and she would get nice titles for me that I would later sell to my great clients.

At the end of 2014, the business went under due to financial constraints.

Luckily enough, in early 2015, A Book Idea came back to life again after a new partner came my way.

This time, however, the partner and I decided to start the business in the capital city streets.

It was a new and exciting venture and the open-air selling experience was out of this world.

In mid-2016, the business collapsed again due to financial constraints. We sold the stock and folded up.

A Book Idea website | Blog

I was not ready to give up. On April 27th, 2017, I started a new book’s journey by creating a website.

I was not a professional web designer and content writer but I vowed to soldier on without looking back.

Three years on, I am happy that A Book Idea business is alive and doing well.

In the three years, however, the business has been on and off. But, I decided to give it my all in October 2019.

All I can say is that you guys rock. I have gained many clients in this short span and I am so much encouraged.

I promise not to look back again. Kindly be assured that I am in this now and into the future.

Bonding with you will be my number one initiative. I want to visit you and see your bookshelf hahaha.

About us

With us, you will have an opportunity to get all genres of books. Both new books and used books.

We shall, however, give more emphasis to used books. This is so because of affordability.

At A Book Idea, we shall strive to avail as many titles as possible.

We shall also have all genres and categories for you. To top it up, we shall write book reviews for you.

Moreover, we shall avail you of complete book lists of diverse authors so that you are able to keep track of and follow your favorite authors.

Furthermore, we promise to deliver books countrywide and on agreed timelines.

At A Book Idea, you can be guaranteed prompt services and diverse titles all through.


Our mission is to keep you abreast of anything books related.


Our vision is to be the best bookshop in Kenya and the world at large.


We are glad to notify you that we opened our first physical bookstore in Ruaka – Kiambu County on the 18th of December 2022.

We are located along Limuru Road – At GF Rahab Towers. We are adjacent to Hello Pharmacy and NearDelta Petrol Station.

Visit our store and see what we have in store for you.

Contact us

Kindly shoot us an email you can also get in touch on phone number – 0721 949815 or, via our contact page…

We are the Best Online Bookstore in Kenya and promise to maintain this standard in the days to come.

Before you go, our privacy policy will educate you more on how we handle your data…

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