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Book reviews do play a very critical role in the reading world. If well written, they can impact how books are read by various readers in the world.

They are short snippets (300-500 words) detailing in brief what a particular book is all about.

Over the small, while we have been around, we have tried our best to write well-articulated and comprehensive book reviews.

Our reviews are written by a group of veteran book readers from all over the world.

In addition, we have an in-house book club with over 30 members. And yes, our members contribute widely to the success of this platform.

This in return has given us an edge over many other platforms in regards to quality book reviews.

They are derived from all the categories that are within fiction and nonfiction books.

Genres are:

Under Fiction:

  • Drama
  • Thriller
  • SciFi
  • Paranormal
  • Romance
  • Action
  • Legal
  • Historical

Additionally, Under Nonfiction we have:

  • Selfhelp books
  • Children Books
  • Cookbooks
  • Biographies, Autobiographies, and Memoirs
  • Political books
  • Life issues
  • Educational books
  • Religious books

Well, below we highlight some of our all-time best.

  • The fault in Our Stars – Book Review
  • The 5 am Club – Book Review
  • Lord, I wish my husband would pray with me
  • The 48 Laws of Power Summary
  • Marriage Takes More Than Love

Assurance of great and diverse writeups is a guarantee.

The Power of a Praying Wife

The Power of a Praying Wife

The Power of a Praying Wife has sold more than 3.5 million copies and has encouraged countless women to trust God for their marriages. Worrying about your marriage changes nothing… Praying about it can change everything. Stormie Omartian shares how God has strengthened her own marriage since she began to pray for her husband concerning …

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The Power of a Praying Woman

The Power of a Praying Woman

The Power of a Praying Woman is now re-released with new material to reach a still-growing market of readers eager to discover the power of prayer in their lives. Stormie Omartian draws upon her knowledge of the Scripture, personal struggles, and breakthroughs in prayer. Stormie also provides you as a woman with reassuring guidance for …

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Gifted Hands by Ben Carson

Gifted Hands by Ben Carson

Gifted Hands by and about Ben Carson, M.D., is the inspiring story of a great man. As an inner-city kid with poor grades and little motivation, Ben was not as privileged but made major medical milestones. However, at age thirty-three, he becomes the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University Hospital. Gifted Hands will …

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Secrets of the Millionaire Mind - Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind book reveals the missing link between wanting success and achieving it! Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get rich easily, while others are destined for a life of financial struggle? Is the difference found in their: Education Intelligence Skills Timing Work habits Contacts Luck Choice of jobs Businesses …

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Acres of Diamonds

Acres of Diamonds

Written by author Russell H. Conwell, Acres of Diamonds is one of the most popular inspirational classic success books ever published. In this book, Russell Conwell shows success is a spiritual idea that is a direct result of spiritual principles. Though not a “get rich guide,” Conwell’s book shows you how to find a fortune – …

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The Prince

The Prince by Machiavelli

Well, The Prince by Machiavelli is one book you cannot ignore. A timeless classic, you need to add this book to your reading bucket list. As a young Florentine envoy to the courts of France and the Italian principalities, Niccolò Machiavelli (1469–1527) was able to observe firsthand the lives of people strongly united under one …

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The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Written by Robin Sharma, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is one addictive book containing great wisdom. This inspiring tale provides a step-by-step approach to living with greater courage, balance, abundance, and joy. A wonderfully crafted fable, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari tells the extraordinary story of Julian Mantle, a lawyer forced to confront the spiritual …

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Who Moved My cheese

Who Moved My Cheese

Change can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your perspective – and Who Moved My Cheese expounds this in detail. Who Moved My Cheese? is a parable that takes place in a maze. Four beings live in that maze: Sniff and Scurry are mice. They are nonanalytical and nonjudgmental, they just want cheese …

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