Donald Trump Books in Order

In this Donald Trump Books in Order List, you will get an opportunity to learn in detail about this American business magnate.

At the time of publishing this post, Trump was the 45th president of the United States of America.

Well, in this Donald Trump Books in Order list: you will come across all the books by him and learn more about real estate, finance, and much more.

This list of Donald Trump books will be in chronological order starting off with his first book to the last book.

The Art of the Deal (1987)

Here is Trump in action—how he runs his business and how he runs his life—as he meets the people he needs to meet, chats with family and friends, clashes with enemies, and changes the face of the New York City skyline.

But even a maverick plays by rules, and Trump has formulated eleven guidelines for success.

He isolates the common elements in his greatest deals; he shatters myths; he names spells out the zeros, and fully reveals the deal-maker’s art.

And throughout, Trump talks—really talks—about how he does it. 

Trump: The Art of the Deal is an unguarded look at the mind of a brilliant entrepreneur and an unprecedented education in the practice of deal-making.

It’s the most streetwise business book there is—and the ultimate read for anyone interested in achieving money and success, and knowing the man behind the spotlight.

Surviving at the Top (1990)

In 1987 Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal took the country by storm; selling more than 825,000 copies in hardcover alone.

Now Trump is back, in a book with a distinctly personal edge, taking the reader behind the scenes on the business deals that have kept his name continually in the headlines.

Here too for the first time in Trump’s account of the decline and fall of his celebrated marriage to Ivana. 

Additionally, with his characteristic brass and smarts, Trump offers insights on how to:

  • Invest wisely
  • Impress the boss and get a raise
  • Manage a business efficiently
  • Hire, motivate, and fire employees
  • Negotiate anything
  • Maintain the quality of your brand
  • Think big and live largely

The Art of the Comeback (1997)

Trump’s story begins when many real estate moguls went belly-up in what he calls the Great Depression of 1990.

Trump reveals how he renegotiated millions of dollars in bank loans and survived the recession, paving the way for a resurgence.

During this period he built the most successful casino operation in Atlantic City.

He also broke ground on one of the biggest and most lucrative development projects ever undertaken in New York City and outsmarted one of South America’s richest men for rights to the Miss Universe pageant.

Blunt, outrageous, smart as hell, and full of hilarious stories–check out his chapter “The Art of the Prenuptial Agreement”

Trump tells it like it is: the women in his life; the wild and woolly deals; negotiating tactics; his investment philosophy; and his strategy for success or coming back from adversity.

Whether you love him or hate him, one thing is certain about Donald Trump: He is a true American original, with great instincts and billion-dollar dreams.

“The Art of the Comeback” is Trump at his best–unpredictable, irreverent, and irrepressible.

The America We Deserve (2000)

The America We Deserve is the essential book for anyone who wants to understand the core of Donald Trump’s political thinking.

In this book, written as he first considered running for president in 2000, Trump offers no-nonsense, populist, provocative, and dramatic solutions to issues that continue to resonate with voters today.

Trump lays out a vision for America that is strong, optimistic, and founded on core Republican principles of self-reliance, limited governance, economic growth, and equitable taxation.

Striking for its similarities to President Trump’s current initiatives–but also fascinating in its differences–The America We Deserve reveals a man who is fully engaged with the nation and cares deeply about its future.

Readers and voters will discover Trump’s ideas on:

  • Foreign policy and relations with China, Russia, North Korea, and Israel
  • How to fix our broken and underperforming education system
  • Reducing regulations on business to help create jobs and economic growth
  • A dramatic one-time tax on the super-wealthy to close the national debt and fuel tax cuts for the middle class
  • Immigration, crime, terrorism, and more

The America We Deserve is essential reading for Trump-watchers, voters, Republicans, Democrats, and anyone interested in how Trump the businessman became Trump the president.

How to Get Rich (2004)

Real estate titan, bestselling author, and TV impresario Donald J. Trump reveals the secrets of his success in this candid and unprecedented book of business wisdom and advice.

Over the years, everyone has urged Trump to write on this subject, but it wasn’t until NBC and executive producer Mark Burnett asked him to star in The Apprentice.

He then realized just how hungry people are to learn how great personal wealth is created and first-class businesses are run.

Thousands applied to be Trump’s apprentice, and millions have been watching the program, making it the highest-rated debut of the season.

In this book, Trump tells all–about the lessons learned from The Apprentice, his real estate empire, his position as head of the 20,000-member Trump Organization, and his most important role, as a father who has successfully taught his children the value of money and hard work.

With his luxury buildings, award-winning golf courses, high-stakes casinos, and glamorous beauty pageants, Donald J. Trump is one of a kind in American business.

Every day, he lives the American dream. Now he shows you how it’s done, in this rollicking, inspirational, and illuminating behind-the-scenes story of invaluable lessons and rich rewards.

The Way to the Top (2004)

From the most visible and self-confident person in business comes invaluable, hard-hitting advice he elicited from people who have succeeded in everything from Fortune 500 companies to family-owned businesses.

Donald Trump is the boss, at least on NBC’s TheApprentice, and if you don’t want to hear the boss say, “you’re fired!” you need to know how to succeed.

And who better to tell you than those who have done it themselves?

Trump asked many of the brightest, most successful businesspeople, he knows and some he doesn’t know to answer this question.

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?

The resulting answers comprise a body of wisdom and wit that cuts to the core secrets of business success.

Trump solicited guidance from executives at companies large and small,
from well-known icons such as Staples, American Airlines, Verizon, and Lillian Vernon to family-run operations like Orleans Homebuilders.

The entries range from entreaties expressed in a few words to intriguing vignettes or lists of guiding principles.

All are illuminating, instructive, and insightful, often discussing tenets and values that too frequently are forgotten amid the everyday details and demands of
running any business.

Think like a Billionaire (2004)

It’s not good enough to want it. You’ve got to know how to get it.

Real estate titan, bestselling author, and TV star Donald J. Trump is the man to teach you the billionaire mindset–how to think about money, career skills, and life.

Here is crucial advice on investing in real estate from the expert, everything from dealing with brokers to renovating to assessing the value of the property, buying and selling, and securing a mortgage.

Trump will show you how to cut costs, decide how much risk to assume in your investments, and divide up your portfolio.

He’ll also teach you how to impress anyone, how to correct or criticize someone effectively, and how to know if your friends are loyal–everything you need to know to get ahead.

And once you’ve earned your money, you’ve got to learn to spend it well.

Trump presents his consumer guide to the best things in life, from wine to golf clubs to engagement rings.

Check out the billionaire lifestyle–how they shop and what they buy. Even if you’re not super-wealthy, you can afford many of these luxuries.

As Donald Trump proves, getting rich is easy. Staying rich is harder. Your chances are better, and you’ll have more fun if you think like a billionaire.

This is the book that will help you make a real difference in your life.

The Best Golf Advice I Ever Received (2005)

From Palmer and Player, Mickelson and Vijay to Pat Boone, Stone Phillips, and even Yogi Berra, these players, teachers, business people, and celebrities will help you play better and score lower.

Everyone who plays golf has that little nugget of information they turn to on the course.

But never before has such an array of golfing advice been pulled together in one place.

Donald Trump, himself an avid—and very good—golfer, asked his friends, colleagues, and playing companions to offer thoughts on everything from the mental game to the swing to putting to playing golf the right way.

And golfers being what they are, none could resist sharing words of wisdom.

So here we find Vijay Singh telling us about playing simply: “You don’t need to get your golf swing by going through video cameras and stuff like that.

Just kind of go out there and find yourself.” Baseball Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith talks about not over swinging: “Just learn to allow the club to do what it’s supposed to do . . . because the ball is sitting still.”

Actor Michael Douglas has a specific routine to slow his tempo—he says his wife’s name, and doesn’t even think of starting to bring the club down until he gets to “Jones.”

Taken together, these more than two hundred entries create a unique handbook, covering every aspect of the game—and ranging from the lighthearted to the deadly serious.

Why We Want You to Be Rich (2006)

Rich Dad, Poor Dad author and motivational speaker Robert T. Kiyosaki and celebrity rich man Donald J. Trump join forces to come to the aid of America’s shrinking middle class.

These thriving multimillionaires give advice designed to help average readers expand their wealth in the harsh economy. Firm steps towards financial literacy.

The world is facing many challenges and one of them is financial and the entitlement mentality which is epidemic.

This is creating people who expect their countries, employers, or families to take care of them.

Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki, both successful businessmen, are natural teachers and have joined forces to address these challenges.

They believe you cannot solve money problems with money. You can only solve money problems with financial education.

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

They each could have written a book on the subject, but they chose instead to write a book together because of their shared passion for education and their desire to bring emphasis to the importance of financial education.

In addition, they have designated a portion of the profits from each book to be donated to charitable and educational organizations that also support financial education.

How to Build a Fortune (2006)

Learn from a true master of wealth how to create your own personal fortune!

Self-made multi-billionaire Donald Trump offers you a complete eight-week course on how to get rich.

This is your plan for success from the world’s most famous businessman – a total step-by-step program for transforming your financial future, Trump-style.

Own this audio course now if you:

  • Aspire to be an entrepreneur
  • Run a new business
  • Want to improve your business skills

The Best Real Estate Advice I Ever Received (2006)

Donald Trump has gathered in one book the best advice on real estate from the brightest and most experienced people…

Don’t try to take the last penny off the table; make sure that the people who buy from you also make money.

If not, they won’t buy from you again.” –Michael Shvo, Founder of the Shvo Group and “the most successful young real estate broker in New York”

“Mom said, ‘If you don’t have big breasts, put ribbons in your pigtails.’

Good salesmanship is nothing more than maximizing the positive and minimizing the negative.

Although your competition might offer something you can’t match, that doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you identify and play up what you’ve got.” –Barbara Corcoran, Founder of the Corcoran Group, New York City’s leading real estate company

“Real estate can be so much fun you almost feel guilty earning money at it!” –Monda Bassil, President of Prestigious Properties of New York

“When you sell real estate, pay tax only if you want, when you want, and in the amount you decide.” –Gary Gorman, Founder of 1031 Exchange Experts, LLC, and author of Exchanging UP!

“Whether it is a real estate deal or any other venture, the key is to find something you enjoy doing, and then do it better than anyone else—because success comes easier to people who follow their passion.” –Donald Trump, Jr.

Trump 101 (2006)

In Trump 101, Trump himself becomes your personal mentor and coach as he shares tips, tactics, and strategies.

All these are designed to help you make the most of yourself, your career, and your life.

Each chapter covers a basic rule or belief and shows you how to make it work for you.

Learn the vital qualities and skills that every successful businessperson needs.

Think Big and Kick Ass (2007)

Donald J. Trump is an icon: the very definition of the American success story.

President-elect, reality television star, and developer of some of the planet’s most prestigious real estate, he’s also become one of the world’s wealthiest men.

Trump is a living example of how thinking BIG and knowing when to back up your opinions aggressively—regardless of what your critics or opponents might say—can help you maximize your personal and professional achievements.

In his first political campaign, Trump defeated his opponents by rallying voters nationwide to “Make America Great Again.”

For the first time ever, you too can learn Trump’s secrets to thinking BIG and kicking ass! Learn:

  • Momentum: Big Mo. How to get it and how to get it back.
  • Revenge: how and when to get it (and why it’s so sweet).
  • Why contracts in business and personal life are so important.
  • Real-life stories from people who’ve applied the think BIG formula in their own lives.

These strategies are proven and attested to by those who’ve learned to think BIG from Donald Trump and found success in their own lives even when the world seems to be against them.

Co-authored with Bill Zanker, an entrepreneur who learned these tactics firsthand from Trump, Think BIG and Kick Ass shows you how to bring a winning attitude to everything you do.

Never Give Up (2008)

In Never Give Up, Donald Trump tells the dramatic stories of his biggest challenges, lowest moments, and worst mistakes–and how he uses tenacity and creativity to turn defeat into victory.

Each chapter includes an inspiring story from Trump’s career and concludes with expert commentary and coaching from adversity researcher and author Paul Stoltz.

Inspirational and intelligent, Never Give Up will help you deal with your own personal challenges, failures, and weaknesses.

Think like a Champion (2009)

Over the years, Donald Trump has written many bestselling books, and he has also written short pieces that summarize his singularly successful tenets on how to live the good life, both personally and professionally.

These have been personally selected by Donald Trump for this book, giving his special perspective on what amounts to an “informal education” on how to succeed in business and life.

The pieces are engaging, informative, and educational, presenting the clearest picture yet into the mind and heart of an extraordinary individual.

Essay titles include:

The More You Learn, The More You Realize What You Don’t Know-Sometimes We Hesitate for Good Reason.

  • There Are Times When You Should Move On
  • Keep the Big Picture in Mind
  • Give Your Higher Self a Chance
  • Discover and Live Your Purpose
  • Keep It Short, Fast, and Direct
  • Strive for Wholeness
  • Go Against the Tide

You Can Create Your Own Luck

Time to Get Tough (2011)

2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump has a plan to make America great again.

President Obama has been a disaster for this country.

He’s wrecked our economy, opened our borders to violent criminals, saddled our children with debt, and gone around the world apologizing for America—as if the greatest nation in the world needed to apologize for being the land of opportunity and freedom that we were before Obama became president.

Now, America looks like a broken country—stripped of jobs, stripped of wealth, stripped of respect.

And what does President Obama do about it? He plays nice with the very same foreign governments who are eager to watch America burn.

This can’t go on. And if Donald J. Trump has anything to say about it, it won’t.

In his New York Times bestselling book, Time to Get Tough, Trump has the answers America has been looking for, including:

  • How to finally secure our border and fix our immigration overflow
  • An answer on how to create American jobs by forcing Communist China into truly fair trade
  • How to retire our debt without endangering long-established programs—like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid—that millions of Americans depend on
  • And additionally, how to undo the fraud of Obamanomics and the disaster of Obamacare

Blunt, smart, and thoroughly captivating, Time to Get Tough is the trademark of Trump, setting out a common-sense agenda to restore American prosperity and make our nation the world’s leader once again.

Midas Touch (2011)

In Midas Touch, Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki ask the question: What’s an entrepreneur’s most important job?

The answer: creating high-quality, stable jobs.

And in today’s marketplace, “jobs” are in high demand — and so are the skills and the innovation and vision of entrepreneurs.

In a world of high unemployment and an economy that needs new jobs to recover, who isn’t hungry for a solution, something that will speed economic recovery?

Many look to the government, but it’s becoming more and more obvious that governments can’t create real jobs.

Trump and Kiyosaki believe that only one group can bring our world back to prosperity: Entrepreneurs. And, especially, entrepreneurs with the Midas Touch.

This book is for people who are thinking of starting a business or who already have one and want to grow it.

Midas Touch teaches how to leverage five key components that can impact success in business:

  • Strength of character
  • F.O.C.U.S.
  • Brand
  • Relationships
  • And little things… that really count

Trump Tower (2011)

At Trump Tower–the iconic Manhattan building on the corner of 56th Street and Fifth Avenue–there exists a world of luxury, glamour, sex, lust, and naked power.

But at Trump Tower, nothing is quite what it seems to be. Move in and meet your neighbors:

The “garbage” traders who are willing to do business with South American money brokers; the power couple, a TV anchor and her broker husband, for whom sex is sometimes an elaborate game;

The Hollywood agent who is plotting to own the world; the British rock star under house arrest who sends out for good times, sex, and rock n’ roll;

The model with one of the most famous faces in the world who just happens to be kept by two men who don’t know of each other’s existence; the Broadway star who is banned from the building;

One of the richest men in the world who believes his innocent daughter is still innocent; the business owner who is being forced out by someone who wants her business; the mysterious and venomous woman who wants to build a tropical rainforest; the assistant to the Director of Operations who is willing to do anything to get the General Manager’s job;

And Pierre Belasco, the General Manager and ringmaster of Trump Tower whose job is “ultimate discretion.”

In the great tradition of Arthur Hailey, Harold Robbins, “Dynasty,” and “Dallas “comes Jeffrey Robinson’s “Trump Tower,” where everyone’s life is a drama.

Leave your modesty downstairs. “Trump Tower” is the sexiest novel of the decade.

Crippled America (2015)

In this book (previously published as Crippled America), we’re going to look at the state of the world right now.

The world is a terrible mess, and that’s putting it mildly. There has never been a more dangerous time.

And yes, the politicians and special interests in Washington, DC are directly responsible for the mess we are in. So why should we continue listening to them?

It’s time to bring America back to its rightful owners—the American people.

I’m not going to play the same game politicians have been playing for decades—all talk, no action, while special interests and lobbyists dictate our laws.

I am shaking up the establishment on both sides of the political aisle because I can’t be bought.

It’s my duty to bring America back, to make it great and prosperous again, and to be sure we are respected by our allies and feared by our adversaries.

Action time is now. Americans are fed up with politics as usual. And they should be!

In this book, I outline my vision to make America great again, including:

  • Detailed analysis of how to fix our failing economy
  • How to reform health care so it is more efficient, cost-effective, and doesn’t alienate both doctors and patients
  • Tips on how to rebuild our military and start winning wars—instead of watching our enemies take over—while keeping our promises to our great veterans
  • How to ensure that our education system offers the resources that allow our students to compete internationally, so tomorrow’s job seekers have the tools they need to succeed
  • And yes, how to immediately bring jobs back to America by closing our doors to illegal immigrants, and pressuring businesses to produce their goods at home.

This book is my blueprint for how to Make America Great Again.

It’s not hard. We just need someone with the courage to say what needs to be said. We won’t find that in Washington, DC.

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