Double Exposure book review

It’s funny how a single action can make or break a person.

In Double Exposure, we meet Caroline ‘Corey’ Foster a world-famous photographer and the lead photographer in the family-owned magazine.

Corey’s sister Diana Forster breaks the good news to her family about having landed a stellar deal that will introduce a new addition to the magazine.

This is a wedding photo-shoot that will be held in Newport.

The only thing is that the person sponsoring the wedding is Spencer Addison – Corey’s teenage crush and the man who not only broke her heart but also humiliated her several years ago.

In a way, I understand that Corey was crashed by the let down she received, but I feel that her reaction was rather harsh and uncalled for.

To build her life on the foundation of this one-sided obsession that was never returned was, in my opinion, a waste of several years of one’s life, even if said time is in book years.

In conclusion

The fact that Spencer walked around during all this time without a care in the world and with no feeling of wrongdoing is kind of funny.

I like how he rises up and manfully accepts his mistake and how he proceeds to make amends.

In my opinion, I feel that during all the time that Spencer and Corey were friends, he had always shown her that he was reliable and trustworthy so why she would react the way she did still baffles me.

This book sadly did not resonate with me and was a chore to read.

Judith McNaught has at times given a hidden boost to a lagging book by including a quirky character or two or a sudden change in the direction that was unexpected.

In Double Exposure expect none of that.

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