LinkedIn Learning Courses

There were more than 16000 LinkedIn learning courses available as of the time of publishing this article.

The LinkedIn learning platform is associated with the parent company – LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn learning was previously referred to as  It is a platform established online for the purpose of learning.

This platform has video learning content that is produced on demand. The courses offered on the platform are slightly above 16000 in total.

More than half of the courses are offered in the English language.  The platform creates short videos that are geared towards the achievement of specific goals during the learning process.

The videos are available in different languages which include English, Spanish, French, German, and Japanese

Furthermore, learners enjoy a personalized learning schedule that enables them to meet their specific needs.

The learning material provided on LinkedIn is of high quality. It is divided into small quality videos that have content that is easy to digest.

The tutors put into use high creative skills to ensure that the learners grasp the content in question fully.

How it works

LinkedIn learning starts with an algorithm. The algorithm is continually kept up to date. This is done so as to ensure that it can allow the users the advantage of enjoying the best experience possible while picking what they would like to learn. The content that the user chooses appears on their feed. However, there is an option that allows the user to set aside the content away from their feed. This will hide the content so that other LinkedIn users cannot see it.

Once the information has been posted on the user’s feed the user is expected to take up an action that will guide LinkedIn on the next move. The actions of the user will be used as a determinant of whether the same content will show up on their feed again or not. The user takes action by giving feedback to LinkedIn on the information they have received. Every feedback sent to LinkedIn is compared to related feedback on the same subject matter by other users. For example, if a user gives negative feedback, LinkedIn will just compare it to the rest of the feedback on the same by other users. This will help LinkedIn determine whether the content will show up on the feeds again or not.

It may sound like LinkedIn learning is all left in the hands of a computerized robot. However, this is not the case. As much as the information passed by a user goes through s computerized analysis, there are people designated to counter-check the information passed before sending it to the user’s feed. This process ensures accuracy and efficiency throughout the learning process.

It is also important to note that LinkedIn learning also provides certificate courses. These are courses for professionals after which they receive certificates. The best thing is that after receiving a certificate it would be wise to upload it on your LinkedIn profile so that potential employers may be in a position to spot you.

A variety of courses offered

The most popular courses offered through LinkedIn Learning include:

  • Project Management Foundations
  • Excel 2016 Essential Training
  • Programming Foundations Fundamentals
  • Cert. Prep. Project Management Professionals
  • Java Script Essential Training
  • Python Essential Training
  • HTML Essential training
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Online Marketing Foundations
  • Time Management Fundamentals

One of the best ways to choose a course that would benefit one’s career is to research the most popular skills that organizations require their employees to have. Additionally, one could research the most common skills required by top-performing companies. While seeking to advance one’s skills it is important to bear in mind that the relevance of the skill to the career chosen is of the essence. This is why it is advisable to research a skill adequately before embarking on acquiring it.

Cost of LinkedIn Learning Courses

LinkedIn Learning is one way of acquiring knowledge in a cost-friendly environment. One can take advantage of the highly subsidized monthly subscription of $29.99. The advantage of this subscription is that the first month comes as a free trial month. After the first month, one can freely choose whether to go on and pursue the course or refrain from going through with the course.

Better still, one can subscribe to the annual bouquet. This one is cheaper than the monthly subscription which makes it even more convenient. The bouquet goes for $19.99 per month. Just like the monthly bouquet, the first month of the annual bouquet is absolutely free. It is also referred to as the trial month. It gives the learner an opportunity to taste the waters and decide if they are willing to continue with the learning process throughout the year.

There are also some courses offered by LinkedIn on a free basis. Therefore, one can still go through LinkedIn learning without necessarily paying for the courses. However, it is important to also note that such courses do not come along with certifications.

Benefits of LinkedIn Learning

  • LinkedIn Learning is very beneficial because it helps employees to gain new skills. This is a benefit because it increases the chances of an employee getting a promotion at the place of work. An employee could also get a better job on the basis of the new skills acquired. It is therefore a great benefit to employees who believe that learning is a continuous process.
  • One can take up LinkedIn professional courses and get certifications to advance their career.
  •  It is beneficial because it is a continuous learning process.
  • The library is constantly evolving, therefore, ensuring that new and latest content is given to the learners.
  • The learners are able to fashion the learning process in a manner that best suits them. This, therefore, means that it is a continuous learning process that is very convenient even for adult learners.

 Shortcomings of LinkedIn learning

There are just but a few shortcomings known. The online platform is beneficial to learners who seek to pursue short courses. This is major because the courses are not deeply technical and may not come out as authoritative. However, they are thought-provoking and good for basic skill knowledge.

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