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Once and Always book Review

Ahhhh nothing like a good regency romance to while away a rainy Sunday afternoon. Below is once and always book review.

We are introduced to American Victoria Seaton who has to go live with her distant relatives in England after both her parents pass away.

Saddened by their death, Victoria and her sister have to leave behind the only home they have known.

This so as to move to England and join with their mother’s distant relatives.

Lord Jason Fielding is a distant cousin to Victoria.

Having lived a very harsh and difficult life, he looks forward to spending time with his young son, who is, his joy and pride.

Knowing this, his wife Melissa, a conniving and greedy woman, cheats on him repeatedly and eventually tries to run away with her lover.

In addition, she plans on taking the boy with her in the hopes of demanding a ransom from Lord Jason

Her plans do not work out as their ship capsizes, killing them all.

Distraught and desolate, Jason throws himself into work, he chooses to take lovers than to ever get trapped in a loveless marriage again.

Both Jason and Victoria are thrown together in a plan that is bigger than both of them could have imagined.

Jason’s first sight of Victoria Seaton is when she appears at his door.

This occurs near dusk and she has with her a squirming, screaming runaway piglet in her arms.

Not a very good first meeting, but slowly, Jason who has had his heart locked in cold storage starts to thaw and enjoy Tory’s company and eventually falls in love with her.

Once and Always Book Review: conclusion

Once and Always is carried in its entirety by young Victoria, her beauty, charm, and levelheadedness all pool together to carry this book from beginning to end.

The butlers are also not left behind and personally I enjoyed their assistance in opening up a dark home to a lonely orphan and making it as comforting as could be.

Like all good regency romance novels, you will expect to find the femme fatale always has curly hair, be it flame-colored, raven or blonde,

Furthermore, she is always the outspoken (but innocent) one,

Well, the raging tomboy, the one who nabs the much sought-after rake with the bad reputation (and tames him), and finally,

she always has shy and retiring sisters.

Oh, and the men are always rude, overbearing and always correct. Predictable but wholly satisfying.

This book is recommended to you who loves romance and historical fiction.

In addition, I promise you that you will love the other two books.

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