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Remember When Book Review

After a friend recommended Remember when Book by Judith Mcnaught, I gave it a try and well, I liked it.

When Diana Foster’s father dies, she, her stepsister and step mum are faced with cold harsh reality.

This reality is that they have almost no money to continue on with the comfortable, pampered lives they have known all their lives.

Diana happens upon a brilliant idea that soon soars beyond any of their expectations.

As the media darling, all eyes are on Diana and she knows that at all times she must be perfect and fitting of her profile.

When a sleazy tabloid publishes news of her fiancé’s marriage to an Italian heiress, Diana is heartbroken.

She also fears how the public will view her break up and the impact on the family business.

The business puts home, family, and marriage at the heart of what makes The Foster Image.

Well, an image that Diana is not.

A few nights later, Diana attends a Ball that is also attended unbeknownst to her by Cole Harrison.

An old friend who she knew and loved when she was younger.

Cole attends this Ball with only one intention in mind – to propose to Diana.

A ruthless billionaire, Cole needs to marry a woman befitting his status in a hurry as per his uncle’s stipulations.

Otherwise, half of the business Cole has worked so hard to build will go to a distant cousin who has no head for business.

Remember When Book-In conclusion

From page one, I find that Diana is a people pleaser and will willfully put her wants and desires to the side to help out anyone.

This even if she will knowingly lose out or get hurt.

Going from teenager to adult with this same mentality I find that all that unhappiness was bound to come bubbling up.

I didn’t really like this book, I found it slow and predictable.

Actually, the romance felt kind of forced.

In addition, also, both Diana and Cole’s character was a repeat of most of Judith McNaught’s characters in her other books.

The same red hair, nice girls faced with an uphill battle to love their rich, bitter and cynical men who are willing to hurt and use even the people they love?

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