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Something Wonderful Book Review

Reading something wonderful book by Judith Mcnaught was a once off afternoon thing.

The world Alexandra Lawrence grew up in was a simple one surrounded by her family.

A doting grandfather, her mother, and the servants who were as close as family.

Every now and then her glamourous father would pop round from London to come and see them in the countryside.

But after his death, Alex and her mother soon realized two things.

That he had left them penniless, and that he had a mistress and an entire family stashed away in London.

Indeed the other family was more important than theirs as they would discover.

Alex’s mother is crushed and descends into a deep depression.

This leaves Alex to carry the weight of her family on her shoulders as her mother can’t or won’t.

Growing up in the countryside with only her grandfather and servants and a few close friends, she grows up with an innocent outlook on life.

Miles away in London we meet Jordan Townsend, a young titled man.

He has a cynical outlook to life because of his surroundings and those around him.

Jordan has grown up seeing how his mother has been unfaithful to her marriage.

Because of this, he sees women as a pleasurable dalliance.

The two meet up in a most unlikely way and what unfolds between the two is both painful and poignant.

A day after their wedding, Jordan disappears and Alex is heartbroken.

Something wonderful book-In conclusion

She carries the love she has for her missing husband around with her until one day Jordan’s cousin finally tells her the truth.

This about the lifestyle and womanizing Jordan had before his marriage and Alex is stunned, hurt and mortified.

She hardens her heart and buries the love she had for her still-missing husband deep in her heart never to be dug up.

Judith McNaught once again serves up a hot regency novel.

In addition, this book has a strong female heroine who despite her setbacks and heartbreaks derives pleasure from the simple things around her.

Alex chooses to see the best in those around her.

Her writing is simple and the story flows after the first few chapters.

Ms. McNaught is a consummate storyteller as even when the story is lagging, one of the characters comes in to swiftly carry the tale along.

I like how the butlers are given a voice within the pages of the book and how Alex manages to give them hope and they do to her in return.

Get Something Wonderful book by Judith McNaught as it is a lighthearted read and is perfect as a travel companion when you just want to while away the time.

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